Investing in Digital Real Estate

  Digital real estate is any online property that has a monetary value. The most common example is a website, but it can also include other virtual assets such as domains, developed websites, mobile apps and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In addition to the obvious monetary benefit, digital real estate has the potential to generate passive […]

What Does Freehold Mean in Real Estate?

  The word ‘freehold’ is often used to refer to a property title that indicates the land on which a building has been built is owned by the homeowner. It also means that the property can be inherited by the family. In contrast, non-freehold estates come with different rules and restrictions. If you’re looking to […]

What Do You Need to Be a Real Estate Agent?

  Buying and selling homes is a lucrative career option, but it’s not an easy one. The process can take months and sometimes years, and many newbies struggle to find success in the field. If you’re considering becoming a real estate agent, there are several steps you’ll need to take, including finding out if it’s […]

What is a Real Estate Advisor?

  Real estate is the land and property that make up structures that house people, like residential homes, apartment buildings, and commercial office spaces. It is also the land that houses businesses, such as retail stores, restaurants, industrial parks, and manufacturing plants. Real estate advisors can assist clients in buying, selling, and navigating the legal […]

Digital Real Estate: An Overview

  Digital real estate refers to any online asset that can hold value or generate income. It includes everything from domains and websites to cryptocurrencies, smart phone apps, and even virtual lands. The value of these digital assets can vary based on several factors, such as desirability and stability. As the world moves further into […]

Generating Income from Digital Real Estate Assets

  Digital Real Estate is any virtual property that can be purchased, owned and traded online. This includes everything from websites and domain names to metaverse virtual land, buildings, cities and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Companies and individuals purchase these digital assets for a variety of reasons including financial gain, brand recognition and promotion. However, it […]

Exploring Various Real Estate Categories

  Real Estate is a broad term that encompasses land and the permanent human structures built on top of it. The concept of real estate is distinct from personal property, which includes such items as cars, boats, jewelry and even farm animals. In order to understand real estate, it’s important to know its different types. […]

How a Real Estate Company Works

  Real estate is property that consists of land and the buildings on it. It can be used for residential purposes, commercial purposes, and industrial purposes. The value of real estate tends to rise, which allows people to make a profit when they buy or sell it. Real estate companies capture a portion of this […]

What is Noi in Real Estate?

    Net operating income (NOI) is a critical metric used throughout the commercial real estate (“CRE”) investment process. It provides a clear, concise picture of a property’s profitability and health by assessing a building’s total revenue and subtracting its operating expenses. NOI excludes mortgage payments, capital expenditures and taxes because these can vary widely […]